5 Reasons Against 5 Stars

In 2009, YouTube famously abandoned its star ratings and reviews system after it discovered that the majority of videos were being given 5 stars while those who loathed videos gave a 1 star - with very few ratings in between. They deduced that ‘’the ratings system is primarily being used as a seal of approval, not as an editorial indicator of what the community thinks about a video.’’ (source) Fast forward to mid-2015 and Google Music abandoned their 5 star system in favor of a thumbs up/down rating. More recently, Netflix’s CPO has made it clear that the [...]

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UGC: The Next Frontier for Retail

The last 40 years in the retail industry has seen incredible change. It is fair to say that the consumer experience compared to the 1980s is largely unrecognizable for shoppers. For retailers, more so than most industries, it is vital that they stay ahead of the curve. In order to look ahead at upcoming trends, however, it can be useful to note the evolutionary changes that have taken place thus far. Let’s now look at the trends that have impacted the retail sector the most. Total Quality Management In the 1980s, retailers in Western countries faced stiff competition [...]

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