What People Think…Hotels in New York

//What People Think…Hotels in New York

New York, New York. The famous Big Apple is one of the most visited cities in the world welcoming 55 million tourists in 2015. That is a lot of hotel rooms. The Hotel Association of New York, which represents most of the hotels in the city, lists over 270 members covering over 75,000 rooms. With so many to choose from it is almost impossible for travelers to find the one that best fits their needs. Tourists come in all shapes and sizes and there is likely to be a hotel for any type of holiday.

The analysts at Aspectiva have sifted through hundreds of thousands of opinions about 366 hotels in New York City from across the internet left by the visitors themselves. Here is the ultimate list of hotels broken down by aspects.


The hotel ranked the best for location was The Muse hotel. Located less than 100 meters from Time Square, visitors thought this hotel had the best location. Other favorable opinions about this hotel left by reviewers included the comfortable bed and the ‘’excellent’’ service.

Muse Hotel

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The Holiday Inn Express in Madison Square Garden was ranked highest for staff. The staff were the standout highlight of this hotel with descriptions such as friendly, courteous and very helpful frequently being highlighted.

StaffFor a full breakdown of Aspectiva’s analysis of reviews about the Holiday Inn Express, visit here.


Visitors found The Hampton Inn Times Square North hotel to be the best value. Although reviewers suggested that guests look out for noise and the busy breakfast room, visitors ranked this hotel very highly. So much so that it is considered the best value hotel in New York according to reviews from across the internet.


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The Salisbury Hotel on West 57th Street had the highest ranking for cleanliness. Located just under Central Park, the hotel’s cleanliness was highlighted by thousands of reviewers from across the internet. One reviewer said: “I found the rooms large, clean and comfortable… ”, clarkesLondon.

Salisbury Hotel

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Not all hotels, however, ranked highly in our reviews. Chinatown’s The World Hotel had less than favorable reviews with ‘’tiny’’, ‘’not well ventilated’’ and ‘’dirty’’ the top 3 complaints about this one-star hotel.

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