Crowd Opinions Overview

An intuitive, at-a-glance product reviews summary

Aspectiva’s engines collect reviews and opinions from across the web on any product to find out which topics are being discussed in relation to a product, assigning scores and recommendations based on the aspects of each product. Do your shoppers want to know how good a vacuum cleaner is for maneuverability or pet hair removal? The Crowd Opinions Overview will address each of these concerns individually, allowing users to type in the search box and find the answers to their own specific needs.

Smart Recommendations

Additional or alternative product recommendations

Once a customer examines a product and lingers over an aspect which doesn’t rate high enough, Aspectiva suggests alternative products that are best for this aspect, thus addressing the customers’ concerns with better choices for what they deem important.
Even when customers find out that the current product rates high for an aspect they are concerned about, Aspectiva suggests alternative products in other categories that are good for the same need.

Enhanced Product Search by Need

An easier way for shoppers to find what they’re looking for

With Search by Need, Aspectiva automatically extracts the most talked-about product attributes from customer opinions across the web and adds them to your search results pages as an extra layer of filtering. With the option to filter by product aspects, your customers can then find the products that are best matched to their own needs, according to actual consumers’ experience.

Best Aspects Snapshot

Highlight the top best aspects of each product

The Best Aspects Snapshot turns crowd opinion into a powerful marketing tool by automatically highlighting key Product aspects.

Integration & API

Seamlessly integrate Aspectiva on your site, and watch the impact on user engagement KPIs.
Choose between 2 methods of integration:

  • Easily embed Aspectiva’s service in your website, by pasting short code snippets
  • Use Aspectiva’s APIs to dive deeper into customization

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