Leverage User Generated Content from Across the Web to Boost Conversion

Enhance the customer journey from Search and Product Engagement to Check Out

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User Generated Content from across the web analyzed and visualized to provide your shoppers with at-a-glance product insights, boosting engagement and confidence Learn more
Enable your visitors to find the best fit for their specific needs and confidently advance to checkout Learn more
Dynamic product suggestions personalized to visitor’s intent, reducing bounce-rates, increasing conversion and facilitating up and cross sales Learn more
Revolutionizing Search by enabling visitors to search by need Learn more
Turn UGC into a powerful marketing tool by automatically highlighting key product aspects Learn more

Seamless Integration

  • Easy as embedding two lines of code
  • Get up and running in minutes

  • Fully customizable

  • Optimized for  mobile devices

Instant Benefits

Convert More Visitors to Customers
Sites using Aspectiva see a vast jump in conversions, with significant increase in sales.
Enjoy Rich, User Generated Content from Day One
Instantly provide shoppers with tailored, bottom-line insights collected from the most trusted and relevant sources across the web.
Engage Customers with a Personalized Experience
Transform the shopping experience with precise, easy-to-use features that keep your customers coming back for more – up to an 80% increase in return visitors to your site!
Keep Shoppers on Your Site
With Aspectiva, customers get the opinions they trust right where they shop. No need to stray from your site to seek out advice, which means more time spent on your site and a higher likelihood of purchase.

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