Aspectiva is changing the way consumers discover products and make purchasing decisions

Our Story

It all started with Ezra Daya – our CEO and founder – and a simple online shopping journey. Browsing through shopper reviews to make an informed decision, Ezra realized what unmined gold eCommerce brands had in their hands. The information hidden in the reviews could significantly help customers make better purchases.
Being an NLP expert himself, Ezra could immediately see the potential of automatically analyzing insane amounts of reviews, across multiple web pages, and generate actionable recommendations for shoppers that help them find the products that best fit their needs.

Walmart Aspectiva

Our Mission

Our mission is to help online shoppers make better purchasing decisions. Using NLP and AI technology, we transform the mass of reviews into actionable insights, so that shoppers can use the wisdom of the crowd and make better informed decisions. The solutions we develop significantly impact the eCommerce world, turning the Walmart eCommerce platform into a smart shopping experience.